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My Eternal Longing: Menaha Bhandari

The Delhiwallah Poetry Collective brings the Young Poets feature that publishes young poets including school and college students.

My Eternal Longing

Menaha Bhandari

Beyond the boundaries

Yondering solo into the unknown

I delved deep into the green,

Wild, broken, lush, savage

The turf of green canopies

Hid me, I searched for peace.

Behind the woods

Into the ravines

Under the clear sky.

Yondering solo into the unknown

The emerald tide, faraway coast,

A shipwrecked, bouncing dolphins

I dived deep into the blue

A lost land

Treasures of past, the long lost pearl

Divine, mystical, angelic

Surfing deep into the lost world

I couldn’t reconcile.

Yondering into my sweet bed

Obvious, familiar sounds, brick walls

The aroma of honey syrup

Mingling with my mother’s hand kissed pancakes

The hoarse sound of the grinder breaking sugar granules

To bake a raspberry cake

The tender touch of the white linen bed sheet with my cranky pillow

The carpet with rose and marigolds

The squish- squash of the rusted doors

The known sound of the leaking taps

The wooden bookshelf, the brown flower vase

The rose and lilies at the backyard

Birds chirping the same old song

Under the sun-kissed sky, my terrace

Could hold me forever

As my home was where I belonged to

Love, care, yearning

All lived with me here, inside those four walls beneath the roof.

I stopped my search

I stay back in my home… eternally.


Menaha Bhandari is an avid reader and a sports enthusiast. She juggles between writing poetry, animation, and digital art and is eager to publish a Manhwa digital copy in the near future.

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