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Am I good enough - A poem

I come back home,

check the phone

open insta, Facebook, and other platforms

to see how many likes I got on my post.

Oh, no! am I not good enough?

The number remains 24.

I calm myself down

and try to shoo away the frown.

Alas! my mind keeps running back to the stuff online,

wondering if the comment was a truth or a lie?

Oh God, this puts me in self-doubt,

making me feel the need to cry my heart out.

For a while, I forgot these were strangers

whom I was talking to.

I noticed that these were the people influencing me,

a pose is what I am supposed to do,

and a filter is what I need to use.

Forcing me to give it a thought,

if I were good enough or not?

But now all I feel is just fake,

I believe it is the moment to ignore them

and I begin the change.

Days passed by I didn't go online

Nor did I care about my profile.

Eventually, I came back to normal,

But my so-called online friends thought I was abnormal.

Definitely, it took time

but all I know is in the end,

I am all fine.

As relaxed and free as a seashore,

Shining bright and touching the heights like before.

I began a fresh phase of summer in my life,

knowing it's enough to be enough just for myself.


Kashvi is a grade 8 student of Amity International School, Gurugram Sector 46

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