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Know Your Poet/Lyricist: Cyrus Vesuvala

Cyrus Dali Vesuvala

Cyrus Dalí Vesuvala is a singer/songwriter who has been writing music and lyrics for over four decades. He has written over 80 original songs, poems, and other musical compositions several of which he has illustrated with his original artwork.

His musical influences include Leonard Cohen, Roger Waters, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, CSNY, Simon & Garfunkel, the Beatles, Bread and Jim Croce, not necessarily in that order.

He has also collaborated with other musicians and lyricists in the US, Europe and Bahrain on several projects, working at times as a lyricist and at other times as a musician. He lives in Gurugram.

His music is available at

Listen to Cyrus' Full Circle: Requiem for Benazir (Winds of Change)

Full Circle: Requiem for Benzair (Winds of Change) is NOT intended to be a political song nor indeed intended to make any political statement. It is simply a human response to a double tragedy in an individual's life.

The song is written over a period of almost three decades - most of the "then" part in 1980, about the time of Benazir's father's hanging by his political enemies when they came to power. The "now" part was written almost three decades later when she herself was assassinated while on a political rally. Cyrus consciously chose to NOT tell the story in chronological order... starting with her assassination first.



No solace now to help them cope

A loss so hard to bear

A nation on the brink of hope

Dragged down to such despair

You went out in a flash of heat

In a searing flash of light

Work unfinished, incomplete

Their song was killed tonight

Just as the crowds began to gather

With the setting of the dark

They were singing praises to your father

When the mad man found his mark…

Two thousand miles away I looked

On as the tragedy did unfold

The final chapter in this book

A story left untold

Now as darkness starts to gather

Around your children too

This requiem to your father

Now serves as your cenotaph too


Benazir, your father’s in the ground-

Benazir, you watched them put him down-

Benazir, your father lied- he’d promised not to die,

And Benazir, you’d sworn you wouldn’t cry…

Benazir, your face has turned to stone-

Benazir, you do not weep alone…

Benazir, the winds of change that wiped your tears dry

Now blew your father’s killers from the sky…



Listen to more of Cyrus' songs at

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