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Know Your Poet: Gina Gallyot

Gina Gallyot

Gina Gayllot is a full-time healthcare worker, part-time poet and writer and a believer in everything magical. Gina is also the Editor (Bahasa Malaysia) of the Delhiwallah Poetry Collective. She believes that great conversations carry the most powerful stories.

Her books include Full Priced Love: There's No Price Tag for this Love, Raw Earth: A Short Story, The Book of Stars, and Days of Corona, Moments of Haiku: A Collection.

She lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her short stories and poems can be found at

Read Gina's poem Snow Groomers.

beneath the ache you feel for a distant memory

the hormone of darkness brings you sleep

of night shifts and snow groomers

dancing across the universe

of a velvet sky trimmed

with a chaotic terrain

where the sun sculpts the ice

on the equatorial line

passing through the furthest

reach of your consciousness

you count the seasons that float before you

as you turn towards the sun and touch the ice caps

the chaos melts into one final clap of thunder

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