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Know Your Poet: Gunika Virlley

Gunika Virlley

Gunika Virlley is an educator by profession. She is passionate about all things creative and loves to embroider, bake, sketch, paint, and write poems.

She has published two books and runs an art and crafts website called G's Craft Boutique.

Musings: A Book of Poems

Musings: A Book of Poems is Virlley's maiden venture, is a collection of poetry in both English and Hindi. These poems touch myriad topics which go from being breezy to blithe, realistic to humorous, gloomy to emotional.

Written in easy rhythmic tones, they are thoughts that analyse different elements and the feeling or atmosphere they evoke.

Visit to make a purchase.

Why Me? The Gist of It All: My Fight Against Cancer and a Hell Lot More! (Kindle Edition)

Does one ever know what's going on inside one's body? What surprises can it swing at you? And are you prepared? EVER? From the age of 34, a series of medical woes kept me on my toes! And then the fight started... against Cancer and a hell lot more!

Never underestimate the power of the human mind A whole lot ways it can find and leave the trauma behind to grow a new YOU, which only YOU CAN DO!

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