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Genealogy: Jashodhara Chakraborti

Photo Credit: Jashodhara Chakraborti

You may think I am a street dog, It's a description I defy When it comes to where I come from There's more than meets the eye. My ears aren't dog eared, No, no - you mustn't think that A great great grand uncle Used to be a fruit bat. If my eyes captivate you, I'd like you to know That my maternal grandmother Was part canine, part doe. When I nip downstairs in my trotters Rumours are rife That I used to be Anubis In another life. There's some labrador in me And healthy Indian pie But my home life is rather Bengali That I cannot deny. Between fish, sweets and siesta And Britannia Marie with tea I am quite the Bengali Bhadralok But for the lamppost pee.


Jashodhara Chakraborti is the author of two fantasy adventures for Young Adults, The Wordkeepers and its sequel, Skyserpents (as Jash Sen). She is also a TedX speaker, a regular moderator at The Kolkata Literary Meet and an occasional columnist. Jashodhara discovered her love for funny rhymes during the lockdown. She will let you decide if she is a poet.

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