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'Feels Like Love' Contest Winner: Aisalli A

The Delhiwallah Poetry Collective is thrilled to announce the winner of the Feels Like Love contest.

The contest had more than twenty submissions. We are grateful to everyone who participated in the contest.

The winner of the contest with her poem Prelude is Aisalli A. Congratulations, Aisalli!

Aisalli A is the fourth among six authentic, honest, quirky, and unique women, all ingrained with strong values to love and live life to the absolute fullest. Her strength and inspiration come from her close bond with her sisters and her love for them. Her mantra in life is to be brave, bold, and courageous and to act on opportunities coming her way. As the great Stoic Seneca writes, 'We are waves of the same sea, leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden.’


The look in your eyes, sparkling with such desire, such delicious lust

My eyes drop, lashes low,

Staring at your perfectly shaped lips, succulent and luscious

As I gently caress your cheek,

A soft feather-light kiss on your neck

My arms slowly rise, embracing you bringing you closer, closer

Our two hearts beating in unison

Your scent surrounding my senses heightened with want,

Anticipation and keen desire.

Soon my habibi...

Feels like love.

Watch the full video in the Gallery.

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