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DPC turns FOUR

Our fourth anniversary quietly slid by without making a noise. And that is a satisfying way of growing up. Time passes silently, and people grow, and before we know it the kids are going to college. When we passed our 3rd anniversary last year we were mired in the Covid days, and the virtual meets were as good as it gets. Now that we are stumbling out of the virtual world and unsure of how we can have coffee together, it is good time to look back.

The virtual meets were a huge success, and we went international. People from all over the world joined us, and we got a taste of alien cultures, language and sensibilities. Other young poets joined us, grew up and went on to win international recognition. And it is fair to say folks grew up as poets, matured with varying poetry writing themes, and were challenged and inspired by their fellow poets. We did not miss any appointment on our regular calendar, and when inadvertently I did miss announcing an event, there were folks scolding me.

Our coordinator group has been very helpful, and the members are from places as far away as Mumbai and Lucknow. Thank you everybody for your contribution and time.

Having said this, we are looking for some talent to help us maintain our website ( Do write in or message us if you feel like contributing to our cause.

And finally, having started our in-person meets, we invite our members and our friends to pop in for a cuppa tea and share some lovely poetry. Do check out our Events page or meetup page for details

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Hi, we will meet on 6 May 2023, Saturday, at Caara Cafe, British Council, KG Marg at 4 pm. Bring in your favorite poem to share. Or just listen in. Tell security you will be going to Caara Cafe to mee

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