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DelhiWallah Poetry Collective Celebrates Library Week at MRIS Sector-46

MRIS Library Week Celebration (17.07.2020)

Delhiwallah Poetry Collective (DPC) was honoured to be part of the Library Week Celebration at Manav Rachna International School, Gurugram, Sector – 46. More than one hundred students participated in the event held on 17 July 2020. The Delhiwallah Poetry Collective is grateful to Manav Rachna International School for the success of the event. The following members from DPC participated in the event.

The full recording can be accessed in the Gallery.


Sanjay Saksena is a former banker and a finance professional. He loves all things literary. Sanjay recited I Opened a Book by Julia Donaldson from Crazy Mayonnaisy Mum, first published 2004 by Macmillan Children’s Books, an imprint of Macmillan Publishers International Limited and Good Books by Edgar Albert Guest, a People’s Poet who also served as Michigan’s poet laureate.


Rajiv Narang is an engineer by day and a poet by night. During his years in graduation, he took an active interest in dramatics. His love for poetry and literature led to the launch of the Delhiwallah Poetry Collective, a global group of poetry lovers. The Delhiwallah Poetry Collective organizes poetry meet-ups in Malaysia and Delhi. Rajiv is also the guest poetry editor for Litgleam, a literary magazine. Rajiv recited a self-composed poem at the event.


The boys went out to play, and I looked longingly at them

Longing to hold the bat, and throw the ball

But throwing the books on the table, is something I did not dare

Daring my mom to take a break to play, is that right?

What happened to my right to call an end to studies?

But I am afraid she will end up yelling and screaming

Or end it all by looking at me so, which is worse than yelling and threaten

To tell my father, whose threatening look is much worse


Than his bite. The worst thing which can happen on a day

Is the day when he glares at me, and tells me that I need to

Do something useful, as if telling me that is something new

Something I hear from all of my uncles and aunts

And relatives who don't even know what I like

Or even know that I am afraid of my mummy, daddy, teacher

Afraid that I will upset them, not meet their expectations,

And meeting their ambitions is just getting to me,

For I just don’t get what is there to studying maths when I could


Go out and study the way the ball moves

When the ball hits the ground on its seam

And the dusty rough ground moves it just so

Slightly, as it screams past the clueless bat, which

Rajesh wants to clear for a four, but cannot see

The ball clearly as it moves hauntingly to miss his bat

And the batsman cannot read its line. And here I am at 50

Reading the tale of a young boy in Landour hills, and looking back

Going out with the boys and reading both make me happy.


Gina Gayllot is a full time healthcare worker, part-time poet and writer and a believer in everything magical. She lives in Malaysia. Her self-composed poem was recited by Rajiv Narang.

Boys and girls are ready, holding racquets proudly

A game for doubles or singles, the rules are easy

Deliver hard hitting strikes, be brave and bold

Make eye contact, always be in control

Inside or outside the shuttlecock may fall

Never lose your focus, or you will lose it all

This is a most exciting and popular sport

Olympic Games champions were darlings of the court

Now see, how the letters spell, the name of the game clearly.


Vrriti Sharma is a humanitarian by profession and a poet and singer by heart. She believes that the little vacuum of our lives should be filled with beautiful poetry and music. She recited two self-composed poems.

कभी धूल में सनी किताबों को,

लकड़ी के रैंक से, झाँकते देखा हैं,

कैसे किसी के हाथों का स्पर्श पाने

को तरसतीं, इंतज़ार करतीं हैं.

और कभी, गर देख लेतीं हैं, कोई

हाथ बड़ता अपनी तरफ़, ना पूछो,

कैसे गिरती हैं एक दूसरे पर, कि

शायद, आज उनकी बारी हो, अपनी बात

कैहने की.

मैं भी अक्सर कोने में,

तन्हा चुपचाप खड़ी किताब खींच,

पैहले साफ़ करती हूँ, और फिर

देख उसे कुछ यूँ मुस्कुराती हूँ, जैसे

किसी पूराने दोस्त से, एक अरसे बाद

मुलाक़ात हुई हो, और फिर शुरू होता

है, उसके कैहने का सिलसिला और मेरा

सुनने का वक़्त.

मुझसे कुछ भी कभी छिपाती नहीं हैं ये,

बेपरवाह राज़ खोल घंटो बतियाती है ये.

और कभी गर ध्यान भटक जाये

मेरा तो, झट से बंद हो, परखतीं है मुझे,

कि वापस उसी सफ़े पर जा पाती हूँ या नहीं,

जहां तक पुहँचे थे हम.

अक्सर बात सुन इनकी, ना जाने कितने सवाल

हल होते हैं मेरे, और कभी तो कुछ एैसा भी कह

जाती हैं, जो सोचा ना हो मैंने, और कोई मुश्किल

हल हो जाती हैं. कभी जीवन का कोई फ़लसफ़ा,

तो कभी हिदायत, सब कुछ मिलता है इनसे मुझे.

देखो तो क्या नहीं सीखने को मिलता इनसे मुझे.

जीने का मक़सद, ज़िंदगी के मायने, हंसने को

व्यंग्य और रोने के बहाने. सब छिपा है इन किताबों

में कहीं. बस ज़रूरत इनके साथ कुछ वक़्त बिताने

की हैं, और दोस्तों कि लम्बी लिस्ट में, कहीं इनकी

जगह बनाने की हैं.

तो फिर कहो आज किस किताब पर से धूल

हटाओगे, और क्या किताबों को अपना दोस्त बनाओगे?


Let's turn off our video games, and run outside. From so many sports,

we may choose and decide.

Baseball, soccer, and basketball are fun, Let's grab some friends, and play in the sun.

In baseball, you will be, running around. When you hit the ball, it's a beautiful sound.

In soccer, you pass the ball, using your feet, Drink lots of water, and watch out for the heat.

In basketball, the best sound, is a swish, Making ten in a row, is a wonderful wish.

Whatever sports, you decide to play, Enjoy them with friends, each and every day.


Sarayu Srinivasan is a post-graduate from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and presently working with Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi. She has a special interest in creative writing and poetry being a part of Delhiwallah Poetry Collective. She is also well-versed with Indian music and dance forms.

Lost in the wilderness, mind wandering in the lawns

Oblivious to the happenings,

A bobble head nodding with occasional yawns

Woolgathering, my dreams shaken…

As Her Highness frisbees a question,

Dumbstruck, I awaken.

Punishment imminent

Before her telling,

Out I go,

A déjà vu!

Happening several times in a row!

Dwindling interest, flunking in test

Avoiding school and

Being unwell , the usual pretext

Avoidance becomes absenteeism

Garnering criticism all around


The books chase me and I sprint away

A déjà vu

As I win the race on the Sports Day

The books still chasing me in my head...

Ears echoing with claps and cheers

Silencing mocks and jeers

Find my self-esteem long lost

An effort that turned into passion

A placebo to overcome distraction

Making peace with my inner demons

Prepared even if life gives me lemons

My hands pick up a book that once dreaded

Immersing me in its worldly wisdom

Showing me the path to be tread

Unadulterated love

That grew with time

Found me in favour of teacher mine

Doing my utmost in every arena

Becoming a part of my new found persona!


Swagata Sinha Roy has been a facilitator in education for more than 30 years, having worked in educational institutes in Brunei and in different parts of Malaysia. Currently, she is with a Malaysian university, nurturing her passion to get learners to enjoy literature. She organizes book and poetry clubs in Kuala Lumpur and enjoys experimenting with different forms of poetry and getting to read poems aloud. She recited her poems Book Buddies and Speaking Sports – Life’s Lessons.

Book Buddies

A closed book, he

An open book, she

They played by the book

Were in everyone’s good books

Bookworm, he

Book smart, she

With noses in their books, he and she

Would try to read between the lines

Ending up reading each other's minds

When he read into something

She’d be on the same page

Trying not to judge a book by its cover

They would read the fine print

Time to balance the book says he

Don’t read something into nothing says she

There is no need to bring anyone to book

Despite knowing every trick in the book

So a leaf out of her book he takes

And turns the page,



Speaking Sports – Life’s Lessons

When you talk of doing something across the board

you think ‘cards’

And when the ball is in your court

You try not to bark up the wrong tree

How often do we blow the competition away?

You just cannot be blindsided

In fact you can call all the shots, chipping in as front runner

Getting a head-start or go into full swing and a second win

As always you give it your best shot

Sometimes you may go overboard and bat for


Trying to give some a run for their money

All so that you have the upper hand

Especially when you hit a snag

And if you hold all the aces

Hit not below the belt

Try to always keep your head above the water

And learn the ropes

That way, you will always have a level playing field.

No sweat really if you are not up to par

Just do not be off base

Even if they say that

you are out of their league

If you need to settle a score

Do not race against time

But step up to the plate

And take the bull by the horns.

Do not let anyone

Take the wind out of your sails

And do not throw in the towel

Until you win hands down

Go not back to pavilion

And never get stumped

You must always know the score

And if you must

Have a game plan

Hit a homerun, a sixer so to speak

Enjoy great innings

Get everyone bowled over


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