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Daily Bento Box: Lavanya

Waking up to the sounds of birds we haven't heard before. Falling asleep again. This time with a smile. Watching sparrows glide from one tree to another. Sipping tea from each other's cups. Wishing to sip tea from each other's cups. Walking to the bus stop. Looking at the squirrels. Apologizing to your regular dogs for not bringing any treats. Extending lunch hour to lunch hours once in a while. Running around from one office to another. Running from one person to another. Extending the peony of your heart to everyone. Wishing to catch the sunset on the drive back home. Watching the sunset on the drive back home. Arriving home to each others’ Did you drink enough water today? Swimming through it all, especially across opposite currents.


Blessed with a name that has confused everyone they've met since childhood, including their very own self, Lavanya (he/they) isn't a writer, poet, illustrator, or human, and yet they keep trying to be everything, at least once. They like to find joy in the most mundane things, which somehow trickles down in the form of words. They can be reached out on Instagram at lavaurora.

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