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Babylon: Manini Priyan Olikara


Manini Priyan Olikara

I used to live in a great country.

Founded on ideals of non-violence

A place with one of the oldest histories in the world

A place I was proud to call home

But this great country has fallen

A tinderbox of injustice and inequality

There is no “We”

But Hindu vs Non-Hindu

Migrant worker or work from home

Virus affected

Or not.

A nation that has lost its moral center

Tyrannical despots in power

Who throw matchsticks

To light the same fire

Lit by the previous invaders

I say a prayer

And try to summon my own strength

Hoping my prayer

Will crack open the heavens

And rain of justice pours down

To return Babylon to its former glory.


Manini Priyan Olikara discovered her love for writing while she was pursuing her second Masters from King's College, London. She works as a corporate HR business partner during the day and spends her nights writing poetry, science fiction, and fantasy. Her poems have been published in literary magazines like Spillwords and Literary Yard. Her first poem anthology Isolocation was published in August this year.

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