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VDPC Hindi poem Winner

क्योंकि प्रेम है सतत दिनेश अग्रवाल

प्रेम करने की उम्र नहीं होती न कभी गुजरता है प्रेम पत्र के गलने से न मरता है शहंशाह और सल्तनत के नष्ट होने से पत्थरों के ढलने नदियों के जमने से जब एक तिनका भी जंगलों में न बचे आकाश से उल्काएं जब पृथ्वी को जलाने पर हों आमादा सितारे भी टूट कर फिर न बन पाएं तब भी धड़केगा एक दिल और फूटेगा एक कोंपल लहलहाएगा फिर एक जंगल समंदर तब फिर लहकेगा आकाश तारों से महकेगा

क्योंकि प्रेम की कोई मियाद नहीं होती

लड़ चुके हों आखिरी युद्ध भी जमीं और आसमां मिस्त्र, रोम, यूनां, हिंद, चीन के मलवों तले दब मरी हों संस्कृतियां हज़ार बरस यूरेनियम विकिरण के गुंजलक में दबोची धरा घुट मरी हो प्रेम का एक बीज उड़ता हुआ आसमानों से मिट्टी की कोख पा जाए उपजे पौद असीम आह्लादित जाग्रत हों दिशाएं मनु स्वयं मनुष्य के भाल पर तिलक लगाएं

क्योंकि प्रेम की मृत्यु लिख दे ऐसी नियति बनी नहीं।

क्योंकि अंत में सिर्फ प्रेम ही बचता है सभ्यताएँ नष्ट हो जाती हैं बच रहता है जंगल के झुरपुटों में प्रेमरत आदिम मानव

क्योंकि प्रेम है सतत, अनवरत ...

- दिनेश अग्रवाल

Our Hindi/ Urdu judge had this to say


All judgement is subjective, particularly when it comes to evaluating and ranking poetry. So I would merely restrict to what , in my limited opinion, are the attributes of a good poem. These attributes are, effectively, the criteria which I employ in evaluating poetry.

• 1.

Beauty -First and foremost, a good poem must have beauty. “Beautiful” is the most common response on our Whats App group, you will notice. So a beautiful thought, beautifully presented is bound to find favour with any reader. The use of language to create beautiful word pictures is the essence of poetry.

• 2.

Power – A poem must be powerful in the sense that it must have the capacity of stirring emotions of the reader. One should be impacted , one must be moved by it. One should feel happy / sad after reading it. Intensity of emotion must come through. What is being stated is deeply felt.

• 3.

Universality – A poem should have a universal appeal in the sense that it must strike an emotional chord with the reader. It must generate feelings of emotional affinity, arouse thoughts and sensations one has felt in the past, thoughts and sensations once can connect to. We like a poem for its ability to state beautifully and effectively, what we wanted to but couldn’t

• 4.

Musicality – Poems must have a musical quality, achieved through rhyme, rhythm and meter. Think Shakespearian sonnets, think Ramayan chaupais.

So the Hindi poems received for the competition were evaluated using these criteria. After much deliberation and careful consideration I find that in my limited and wholly subjective opinion, the poem “Kyonki prem hai satat” by Dinest Agrawal deserved to be ranked no. 1. The idea that lover is eternal has been beautifully presented in a very effective manner through some really pleasing use of rhyme and meter. Dinesh paints a grand vision and I was particularly struck by how easily he brings in cosmos and nature and cultures and civilisations. Marvellous.

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