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Trust: A Poem for Uncertain Times by Oren Jay Sofer

Photo Credit: Gagan Verma

I trust what this body knows –    breathing in, breathing out,    the way home.

I trust the ground, which I can stand upon –   the earth that rises to meet my feet   and gives gently beneath my weight.

And I trust that ground which I cannot stand upon –    the falling away that everything returns to.

I trust what this body knows –    the pulsing and quivering, the tight, the hard,     the smooth, rough and flowing.

I trust the great oak and the white pine, who do not question    where the next branch will grow;    who are tall, solid, gnarled and strong;     who bend in the wind.

I trust the sun, that shines and warms    the taut green skin and deep blue water of this earth;    that sun toward which we all instinctively turn;    which touches our billion faces alike,     asking only the song of our sincere living in return.

I trust what this body knows –    breathing in, breathing out,    the way home.

I trust what this body knows    that the magnolias in spring take time to bloom,    that the autumn leaves do not struggle to reach the ground,    that we too are beautiful, brief, free.


Trust is an original Dharma poetry and a copyright of (© The Delhiwallah Poetry Collective is grateful to Oren Jay Sofer for permitting the republishing of his poem on our website.

Oren is a meditation, mindfulness, and Nonviolent Communication teacher. He is also the author of Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication and a co-author of The Mindful Schools Curriculum for Adolescents and Teaching Mindfulness to Empower Teens.

For more of Oren's poems, please visit

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