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Disorientation: The Seer's Return Book 1

Disorientation: The Seer's Return Book 1 (Kindle Edition)

by V. J. Singam

When Dr. Visvanathan, an eminent Singapore psychiatrist, gets a new patient, he is astounded to find the child able to speak an ancient language. At the time the child becomes his patient, he begins to have strange dreams about a past life in the ancient city of Harappa, where he had once lived as a renowned physician and mystic. Visva gets the sense that the dreams are somehow connected to this child, but as a scientist, he does not believe in karma or reincarnation.

However, as he continues to experience the strange dreams and telepathic episodes, he is forced to confront either the possibility of his own insanity, or the fact that there may be things in the world that cannot be fully explained by science.

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