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अनमयस्क कविता: Chinmay Jha

अनमयस्क कविता

बैठा सोचता हूँ

आज शायद-

बेतूकी हर बात कविता

उठ के चलना,

बैठ जाना,


और संभलना

कुछ नयी

और हाँ-

हर पुरानी बात कविता

दिन पहर

या शाम बोझिल

हर सुबह की बात कविता

एक नशीली रात कविता

बैठा सोचता हूँ

आज शायद-

बेतूकी हर बात कविता|


Chinmay Jha is a gold medallist in Mathematics at undergraduate-level and an Economics graduate from Delhi School of Economics. In day to day life, he works as a Data Scientist in the field of Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence at a consulting firm. For Chinmay, writing is a creative hobby and an escape from the mundane reality. He writes poems and short stories and is fondly known among the group as "the one who writes Bougainvillea!"

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